Artificial Intelligence Driven Innovation

Innovation is the art of thinking differently, and artificial intelligence is a great way of investigating new thought directions.

Innovation 360 Sherlock was created to be the first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for innovation management. Trained with data from over 6000 companies in 62 countries, combining and recombining ideas from every continent, Sherlock is truly a global project and is meant to be a resource for tomorrow’s leaders. His mission is to uncover unknown concepts and best practices within the one of the world’s largest database of innovation data.

Sherlock’s guiding principles are based on logic from the last 100 years of innovation research, including insights from Innovation 360’s consultants and licensed practitioners, such as Paulo Malta from Innovsky.

More details about Sherlock can be found in volume 5 of The Complete Guide to Business Innovation – Sustainable Growth and Profits or at innovation 360’s website.