Innovation Assessment with Analytics

Does your organization have the capabilities and competences required to successfully implement your strategy?

Organizations often make strategic commitments to a certain plan of action without fully understanding their own capabilities and competencies.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Innovation

Innovation is the art of thinking differently, and artificial intelligence is a great way of investigating new thought directions.

Innovation 360 Sherlock was created to be the first artificial intelligence platform for innovation management.

Innovation Practice

Design Sprints, Jams and Workshops.

Solve a concrete challenge and inspire your teams to develop new solutions. Move from ideas to visual prototypes with business model validation.

Ideation Platform

Do you want a XXI century ideation system that engages all your employees?

Collect ideas from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Group ideas into clusters for development and refinement. Develop and test hypotheses to determine the expected outcome and the value proposition.

Other Service Areas
Does your innovation strategy deliver the required growth for your business to thrive in the short, medium and long term?
When was the last time you re-evaluated your business model? Or tried a new one?
Are your products and services as desirable as Apple’s or as convenient as Amazon’s?