Business Model Innovation

When was the last time you re-evaluated your business model? Or tried a new one?

Great business models can reshape industries and lead to significant growth.

Today’s markets are constantly changing forcing organizations to evaluate their business models regularly. A successful business model can be broken down to three basic components:

  • Customer value proposition. How do you help customers perform a specific “job” better than alternative offerings?
  • Profit formula. How do you generate value for the organization?
  • Key resources and processes. How do you leverage people, technology, products, facilities, equipment, and brands, in order to deliver a value proposition to target customers?

Opportunities such as addressing the needs of customers who find existing solutions too expensive or complicated, leveraging existing technologies in new markets, capitalizing on new technology or bringing a job-to-be-done focus where it doesn’t exist, are excellent drivers for business model innovation.

We help companies disrupt instead of being disrupted! Together with your management team and key stakeholders, we explore alternative business model options and put them under market validation, putting the lean-start-up principles into practice.