Ideation Platform

Do you want a XXI century ideation system that engages all your employees?

Collect ideas from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Group ideas into clusters for development and refinement. Develop and test hypotheses to determine the expected outcome and the value proposition.

We use ideation360® as the ideation platform for our projects in order to:

Connect ideations to strategic initiatives, because ideations generate a highest return on investment when helping propel the organization towards a desired direction.

Lower barriers to submit ideas, because the creative process is rarely linear and ideas come to us at the most random times.

Create different structures in order to split the organization into sub-organizations based on teams, projects, subsidiaries or any other adequate structure. Every team can work on their own campaigns and, at the same time, take part in companywide initiatives.

Automate part of the contributor’s feedback process by using a smart notification system that allows you to quickly and easily follow up on large volumes of ideas with only a few clicks.

Cluster ideas based on common themes and patterns in order to highlight the most innovative ones. This step is important because it helps you find the ideas no one else had thought about before – the most creative and disruptive ones that could truly change the future.

Reduce risk by testing hypotheses and assumptions about the impact we believe the idea cluster will have in the real world. This way we reduce the risk of investing in something that will have no return.

Make decisions based on data gathered through quick and cheap experiments designed to test hypotheses and assumptions.

For more information on the ideation360® tool refer to ideation360’s website.