Innovation Strategy for growth

Does your innovation strategy deliver the required growth for your business to thrive in the short, medium and long term?

An innovation strategy for growth will allow the creation of a portfolio of business models with core, adjacent and transformational innovation. This portfolio is capable of sustaining today’s profit and leading to new ideas which ensure future profit and market share.

The world is changing faster than ever but it will probably never change this slowly again. This means that organizations around the world need to prepare for constant change, for continuously exploring new opportunities concurrently with their current core business.

We help our clients develop an innovation strategy for growth in order to allow them to bet on both exploration (new ideas and radical innovation) and exploitation (operational efficiency and incremental innovation). Pursuing both simultaneously is extremely challenging because these activities are contradictory in their nature. In other words, they pull organizations in different directions. They require different skills, a different performance management, and an ability to maintain success while juggling different time horizons.