Innovation Centers

Need help setting up an innovation center?

The design and modus operandi of an innovation unit need to be tailor-made for each organization in order to ensure success.

When an organization decides to create a center to foster innovation there are some major design choices to be made, for instance:

  • Definition of strategic objectives in line with the organization’s growth strategy;
  • Governance model and hierarchical relationships;
  • Definition of key success factors and assessment metrics;
  • Operating model and autonomy levels;
  • Staff identification, selection and incentives.

Each design choice is unique to a given organization and it is based on its horizon strategy and several internal and external factors, given that no model can ensure an initiative’s success on its own.  Creating an innovation center is a complex task for which experienced professionals are required, in order to guarantee that the center will achieve the desired outcomes.

Innovsky, innovation360 consultants and licensed practitioners assisted in building several innovation centers around the world in various industries. Therefore, we can easily assemble a team to assist you in designing the model which best fits your organization’s specificities.