Do you want to shift your offering from products to services and evolve in the value chain?

Customers are looking for solutions and not just standalone products. These solutions are a combination of good products and added-value services.

Servitization is transforming the customer-supplier interaction from a pure transaction into a partnership. For example, Rolls-Royce instead of selling airplane engines now contracts with many of its customers “Power by the hour”. This TotalCare® business model helps Rolls-Royce reduce waste and optimize resource efficiency, whilst enabling their customers to maximize the flying potential of their engines.

To survive, and thrive, businesses must now understand both how the customer plans to use its products, and what the costumer’s goal is. A service offering provides the opportunity to shift from a supplier to a trusted partner by supporting customers in providing the best solution for their final user and by taking care of all business activities related to product ownership.

Decrease your customers’ risk by sharing responsibilities and help them succeed by keeping in mind the final user’s experience.